More than Energy


PamirLink supports a local initiative in Basid, a small remote village in the Tajik Pamir. The community itself laid the foundation to resolve the prevalent energy crisis by building a basic micro-hydropower plant and by purchasing a generator. It has a very inefficient Micro-Hydropower Plant, built by the villagers themselves. With the assistance of PamirLink, the plant will be upgraded and equipped with high-capacity components, including an efficient turbine made in Switzerland. The increased performance will be sufficient to supply the whole village with adequate electricity. Capacity building of local engineers and mechanics is a centre stone during project implementation. An experienced Swiss hydropower specialist will train the local technicians on the job. Afterwards, they will be able to build efficient turbines and to carry out revisions and up-grades of micro hydropower plants by themselves. This should benefit the whole region. Adequate and reliable energy supply is the first step out of poverty: it reduces deforestation, enhances the living conditions of the population and triggers economic development (mainly for small enterprises). 


The Project

Reliable and clean energy supply is a key to sustainable development. 




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