Outdoor Events



To discover the surroundings of the village basid we undertake two to threeday. Several outdoor events are offered:

Lake Sarez
A trip to the Lake Sarez, located in the heart of the Pamir. It is reachable by car and foot in one to two days: In 1911 an earthquake triggered a vast rock fall (2.2 million m3) creating a 500meter high natural dam burring two villages. It retained the River Bartang to a gorgeous mountain lake. Nowadays it is 55 km long and levelled off 50 meters below the dam crest.

Fishing trip
Two days of fishing, staying overnight outdoor, making a self-made fishing rod, crossing the river in a traditional way on a inflated goat skin.

Treking to the foot of the Peak Patkhor
We hike up the side valley in Basi called Devlokh, to the breathtaking 6000meter high Peak Patkhor. Bivouacking on the trip.

Visiting the shepherds on the high pastures
We also offer a trip to the goat and sheep shepherds. We spend the night in their shelters, milk the cattle and learn to make Airan and dried cheese.

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