The Village Basid



Basid is a typical village of the Western Pamir Mountains. It is situated in the Bartang Valley at an altitude of 2400 m.a.s.l. The distance to the Pamir Highway (M41) is 85 km (4 hours drive) and to Khorog (district centre) is 150 km (5 hours drive). Basid is home to 104 households equivalent to 620 inhabitants. Most of the households depend on self-sufficiency. Main crops cultivated include wheat, potatoes and other vegetables. Without irrigation cultivation is not possible. Every household keeps about 6 sheep and goats and 3 cows/oxen. The village itself has very low capacity for income generation (teacher 15US$ per month, local administration staff12US$, doctor 8US$, nurse 6US$).

The public infrastructure is very basic consisting a school, a medical point, a holy Shrine, a mini hydro power station and three water mills for wheat.

The climatic conditions are dry and warm. Temperatures can exceed 30°C during the day and cool down to around 10°C at night. Rain is very seldom during the summer season.

Sustainable community based tourism is the only auspicious branch for an additional income for the Basidis. Alternative source of earnings are very limited. A lot of young people from the Pamir thus migrate to Russia, especially men. There they try to find work on construction sites. Beside the very poor working conditions, they are the first being fired in case of economic stagnation. A lot of money is sent back as remittances. Tajikistan has the highest percentage (47%, as measured by the GDP) of remittances worldwide.

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